What is Magpie Learning

We are a small team of experienced primary school teaching staff. We offer children aged 5 to 11 a creative choice during the school half terms and holidays.
We strongly believe that children should be given opportunities to work creatively on challenges of their choice in a relaxed, fun and supportive environment.
Each session is based on a theme with staff making suggestions on possible ideas however, all children have a choice on the creative route they take by selecting from a large range of resources. All achievements will be showcased and valued at the end of the session, to ensure the day offers a memorable experience that they can be proud of. As ‘magpies’ children are encouraged to work together and share ideas and their sparkling imaginations with the support of staff.

The hall will be covered with comfy mats with tables around the outside full of art and craft materials for children to self select from.

Children will find a mind map with lots of ideas that they can chose from based on the theme for the day or they are welcome to come up with their own activity for others to 'magpie'.

The children will be supported as much or as little as they wish! As 'magpies' we also encourage children to share ideas and work together as magpies only take the sparkliest of things and use them for themselves.

Throughout the day children will also be offered to be taught a specific skill e.g. How to make a puppet or how to make a mask.

All activities will be well resourced with children self selecting what they would need/want. We have lots of paints, pencils, pens, glitter, different types of paper and card, as well as lots of materials for building 3D models or creating collages.

We have the capacity to hold 30 children per session. The more bookings we take will mean the more adults we have on the day. These adults are all primary school experienced staff including teachers and support staff.


Amy Newman Chief Magpie

Before leaving teaching in 2016 to become a first-time mum to my little girl, I was an Assistant Head of a local primary school. I have been teaching across Key Stage 2 for 10 years and have loved my time as a primary school teacher. On returning from maternity leave, I decided I wanted to work in a PRU for secondary aged pupils who have with mental health needs. I’m loving this new, highly rewarding role.

However, Magpie Learning gives me the opportunity to continue to work with primary aged children and offer a childcare service that ties together my passion for learning and being creative, as well as offering parents an affordable service they can be confident in.

One of the best things about being a teacher is having the pleasure of watching children grow in confidence in their own ability through guiding them through the tough times and rejoicing in the triumphs, no matter how small they may seem!

I’m passionate about offering an environment where children feel free to create, explore and led their own learning in the knowledge that I’m there to guide them when they need me.


Veronica Chief Magpie

I have worked as a teaching assistant in the same local Primary school as Amy, for the last 20years. I have always worked in key stage 2, and worked along side Amy, for eight of those years. I have three wonderful children of my own, and have always lived in the Bromley area. 

When Amy told me about her exciting new venture, I jumped at the chance to help! I strongly believe that working with children is a privilege, and enjoy watching their inquisitive minds grow. I'm looking forward to many 'fun filled days'.