What to expect at Magpie Learning

What to expect at Magpie Learning

The hall will be covered with comfy mats with tables around the outside full of art and craft materials for children to self select from.  There will also be a seperate creative writing area with writing materials and comfy bean bags.

Children will find a mind map with lots of ideas that they can chose from based on the theme for the day or they are welcome to come up with their own activity for others to 'magpie'.

The children will be supported as much or as little as they wish! As 'magpies' we also encouarge children to share ideas and work together as magpies only take the sparkliest of things and use them for themselves. Throughout the day children will also be offered to be taught a specific skill e.g. How to make a puppet or how to make a mask.

All activities will be well resourced with children self selecting what they would need/want. We have lots of paints, pencils, pens, glitter, different types of paper and card, as well as lots of materials for building 3D models or creating collages.

We have the capacity to hold 30 children per session. The more bookings we take will mean the more adults we have on the day. These adults are all primary school experienced staff including teachers and support staff.

Structure of the Day

Here is a rough idea of timings for the day:

9am:  Arrival and introductions. We will have a quick chat together about the day and the activities on offer.

9.30am: Children select their activity and get started.

10.45am: Stop for a short break to grab a drink and snack (provided by Magpie)

11.15am: Continuing being creative.

12.30pm: Picnic lunch together on the mats (Children to bring a packed lunch from home)

1.15pm: Last chance to get creative.

3.00pm: Tidy up and ready to showcase our achievements.

4.00pm: Time to say goodbye till next time!

Children are free to change activity throughout the day though we will encourage all children to have a finished project by the end of the day.